First Conference and Founding Members (1969)

Synopsis[.pdf] of the 1969 Conference

The first Meeting of CHINOPERL was held in 1969 at Cornell University.

CHINOPERL was founded in 1969 by Yuen Ren Chao (趙元任, 1892-1982), Harold Shadick (1915-1992), Cyril Birch (1925- ), and other eminent scholars.

The acronym, CHINOPERL, was coined by Prof. Y.R. Chao, from CHINese Oral and PERforming Literature.

The participants at that 1969 CHINOPERL Conference — in other words, the founding members of CHINOPERL — total twenty in all. They were:

  1. Eugene Anderson
  2. Cyril Birch
  3. Nicholas Bodman
  4. E. Bruce Brooks
  5. Yuen Ren Chao
  6. Clayton Chuen-tang Chow
  7. James Crump
  8. Milena Dolezelova
  9. Wolfram Eberhard
  10. Dale Johnson
  11. Alan L. Kagan
  12. Chun-jo Liu
  13. John McCoy
  14. David Owen
  15. Rulan Pian
  16. Wayne Schlepp
  17. Harold Shadick
  18. Catherine Stevens
  19. Charles J. Wivell
  20. Daniel S. P. Yang

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