How to Order Back Issues

How to Order Back Issues of CHINOPERL: Journal of Chinese Oral and Performing Literature

Maney Publishing holds journals from the current and previous year. Older volumes are held by their official stockists, Periodicals Service Company, to whom all orders and inquiries should be addressed.

   Periodicals Service Company
   11 Main Street
   Germantown, NY 12526

   Telephone: +1 518 537 4700
   Fax: +1 518 537 5899

How to Order Back Issues of CHINOPERL News/Papers

Back issues of CHINOPERL News/Papers are available for purchase at a cost of $18 per issue, with the exception of volumes 1-4 counting as one issue, and volume 20-22, a three-volume festschrift honoring Professor Cyril Birch, priced at $35 per copy.

CHINOPERL News/Papers, from Nos. 1-4 through No. 24, a discounted price of $17.50 per issue and $32.0 for the triple-volume issue (10% discount) applies, or $400 for the set of Nos. 1-24.

Please fill out the order form (downloadable form) and mail with a personal check or bank check payable to CHINOPERL to:

   Professor Wen-wei Du
   Dept. of Chinese & Japanese, Box 120
   Vassar College
   Poughkeepsie, New York 12604


Numbers 1 to 4 have been reprinted as one 256-page volume. (No. 3 in the reprinted volume is greatly abridged.) Beginning with Number 6 (1976), CHINOPERL News was renamed CHINOPERL Papers. Beginning with Volume 32 (2013), the journal has been renamed CHINOPERL: Journal of Chinese Oral and Performing Literature.